God Is Good – Christian T-Shirts

Christian t-shirts – God Is Good Christian Wear

God Is Good is a Polish brand Christian t-shirts . For anyone who believes and is not afraid to show it. For all those who believe that God is good.

All our projects involve a message. They represent the most important symbols of our faith and the history of those who defended her. We believe in God and we want to boldly proclaim the Good News.


All Products God Is Good have been designed and produced entirely in Europe with Polish materials. We want that every model was a comfortable and durable clothing. We attach importance to detail so that each model has a unique tag with a hidden fish, screen printing logo on the back. In addition, each model is a sweatband that will increase the comfort of wearing T-shirts during daily activities as well and pilgrimages.


Our shirts are made of 100% combed cotton heavyweight. With such fibers t-shirts can be used for years while keeping a good shape. The material is soft to the touch and provides convenience to wear rare among such garments. Soft cotton in each shirt is the result of lengthy research the best material supplier.


Each t-shirt is designed by the author cut which allows for comfortable wearing for years and neat elegant form. By strengthening in key parts of the durability of clothing it differs strongly from the popular clothing brands as well as companies engaged in the same prints on textiles.


The projects were done by professional graphic designers, and then applied using a high-quality screen printing, DTP, and through embroidery. Endeavoring each model is personally inspected before any defects in the execution of printing.

Screen printing is applied with professional tools to ensure good putting all the nuances of schedule. Proven and durable paint give the assurance that the project will not crumble, wash the dyed or other clothes in the wash.

DTG is a technology for digital printing direct that offer unprecedented precision parts. Allowing the actual graphics reflecting the nuances of the form of a knight.

Embroidery is made with high-quality equipment using a reinforcement of the inner side of which does not affect the wearing comfort. When buying apparel with embroidery you are sure that it will serve a long time.

Is it worth it?

All of this translates into the highest quality on the market of Christian t-shirts .